At Symetry Aesthetics we have carefully considered the COVID-19 specific risk profile of each treatment, the PPE modelling, public health measures in place and recommend a cautious approach during the reintroduction of Cosmetic Injecting treatments using neurotoxins and tissue fillers keeping patients and practices safe whilst not wasting valuable resources.


Please read the below COVID-19 specific screening questionnaire and guidelines. Please notify us immediately if any of the below questions apply to you.

Please read the below COVID-19 specific screening questionnaire and guidelines. Please notify us immediately if any of the below questions apply to you.

 Prior to Consultation

  • Have you travelled overseas recently?

  • Have you had recent contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 patient in the past two weeks?

  • Do you reside in or visited a known high-risk area with a cluster of cases?

  • Have you recently tested for COVID-19?


Do you have?

  • Temperature > 37.5˚C

  • A cough

  • A sore throat

  • Shortness of breath

  • Other respiratory symptoms, or flu like symptoms

  • A recent loss of sense of smell

If YES to any of the above, we will notify the nearest Public Hospital Emergency Department and direct you

NOT to attend the clinic but to go to the nearest Public Hospital Emergency Department.


On the day of your consultation, you will be asked the same questions as above and your temperature will be measured and recorded.

Our clinic will also follow an informed consent process where the following are discussed and documented.


Are you aware of the risks of having cosmetic procedure and the additional risks during this time?

Are you aware of the measures in place to reduce the standard risk and the COVID-19 specific risk?

Standard Public Health Measures in Place at our Clinic:

  • Hand hygiene

  • Safe distancing 1.5m

  • Surface decontamination

  • Non-contact greeting

  • It is now mandatory to wear a mask before entering the clinic as per NSW Guidelines.

  • Cough etiquette


Hand and Face Hygiene

  • Have you washed your hands with hand sanitiser or soap and water for 20 seconds?

  • Have you washed your face with soap or cleanser and water prior to facial injectable treatments?


Our clinics will run at lower capacity than usual to allow:

  • Physical distancing in all aspects of the practices whether in waiting rooms at reception or in the flow of the practice

  • Time to adequately clean rooms and decontaminate surfaces after procedures


Appointment Day:

  • You may NOT bring family members– including children, friends, pets and/or any other individuals, into the clinic to see Symetry Aesthetics, if they do not have an appointment.


Appropriate use of PPE

The current prevalence of COVID-19 in the Australian context does not require all asymptomatic individuals to be classified as suspected COVID-19 cases. However, as the situation remains fluid, things may change.

  • When performing cosmetic injectables on patients who are not at risk for COVID-19, the use of standard

  • PPEs such as eye protection, surgical mask (non-N95), gloves and are adequate.

  • The practitioner use of PPEs should follow standard guidelines for these procedures

  • Given the relatively low prevalence of COVID-19 in Australia, standard precautions have been advocated and we recommend the same standard PPEs as the practitioner may have used before the COVID-19 outbreak in their treatment protocol