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Meet the

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Founder & Aesthetics Practitioner

Founder of Symetry Aesthetics. Anne is deeply passionate about making you look your best through fine tuning and enhancing your natural beauty. She firmly believes that the smallest changes can make the biggest impact. Less is more.

Anne specialises in contouring and rejuvenation work that is natural and undetectable. She is sought after for her corrective and harmonisation work.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her young family whilst enjoying her avocado and sourdough.


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Clinic Manager

Alex is the beauty queen of Symetry Aesthetics. She loves keeping the energy positive and surrounding herself with ambitious, kind and humble people.


Alex loves all things books and beauty, loves learning about the newest beauty techniques and product knowledge so reading is a big passion of hers although she can't go past a romance novel too.


In her spare time, she spends time being a mum of two Sphynx cats and loves being with friends indulging in delicious food and wine! The best thing about Alex is that she enjoys making people feel comfortable when they’re in her presence to open up and have a good laugh.

Nurse Yunju
Registered Nurse

Meet Yunju, a Registered Nurse with over five years experience in the public and private healthcare system in Sydney, specialising in anaesthetic and recovery nursing.

Growing up in Korea meant Yunju was exposed to the largest and fastest-growing beauty industry in the world. It was natural she fell in love with the field of cosmetic medicine. 

Yunju strives to achieve a natural, young and fresh look whilst always tailoring treatments to the individual needs. She specialises in the mid face, cheeks, and lip rejuvenation and enhancements.