Nose Threads

Non Surgical Nose Lift
Immediate Results.

What is Nose Threads?

Not happy with the shape of your nose but don’t want to go through the painful and expensive process of surgery?

At Symetry Aesthetics, our Nose Thread treatments, which originated from South Korea, is a minimally invasive treatment to augment the shape and definition of your nose. It is TGA approved, it can help with:


  • Lifting the tip of your nose.

  • Improving your nose contour

  • Slim down your bridge, sharpen the nose,

       and reduce the width.



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Enhance the profile of your nose

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Unlike cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery there is zero downtime.

Lift the tip of your nose

Slim down your bridge

Immediate Results

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Benefits of Nose Thread

Results can be seen straight away!

Slim down your bridge, sharpen the nose, and reduce the width

Results can be seen straight away!

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Effects can last 12-18 months with immediate results!


Placed under the skin of your nose, your body will gradually make collagen and elastin!

If you have a wide nose bridge or you feel as though your nose could do with some more definition, then nose threads are about to become your new best friend!

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Is there a risk of blindness after the Nose Thread Lift Treatment?
And how is it different from Dermal Fillers?

The risk of causing blindness from undergoing a nose thread lift treatment is almost non-existent – unlike dermal filler treatment.

Dermal fillers have been used to perform nose augmentation for many years. Even though with many years of experience, some practitioners prefer not to perform nose filler treatment because of the risk of vascular complications such as skin necrosis and even blindness caused by fillers. We do not offer this service at Symetry Aesthetics.

On the other hand, nose thread lift using PDO threads are inserted using blunt cannulas to achieve the desired height and projection of the nose by building a scaffold using the threads. Results of nose thread lift are impressive and there is virtually no risk of blindness.

Real Results