Facial rejuvenation is about replacing volume you have lost during the ageing process.

What is 

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is about replacing volume you have lost during the ageing process. Facial rejuvenation is not to make you look different but aims to restore the volume you once had to give you a youthful and fresh appearance. At Symetry Aesthetic we are known for our subtle approach that enables you to replace volume, still look the same but a more youthful fresher version.

Nurse Anne explains what is facial rejuvenation?

Main areas

of concern

Sagging of Excess Skin

The Youthful

A youthful face has three main features that attribute to a youthful triangle. High cheek bones with full cheek volume, with a well-defined jawline.

The Ageing Process

As we age our face starts to lose volume and deflates. We see our bone reabsorb creating hollow eye sockets, flatten cheeks, and diminished jawline. The decrease in skin elasticity and our natural hyaluronic acid effects our skin and our skin starts to descend and excess heaviness is apparent.

When we age the youthful triangle is inverted with the widest part of our face being the lower third.

The upper third of our face starts to narrow and temples start to hollow, cheeks flatten, heaviness in the smile lines with downwards turn mouth and jowls that appear giving.

Understanding the ageing process and how different ethnicity age is important when we want to start replacing volume to strategically place fillers in the right areas that will optimise rejuvenation and give a refreshed appearance.

Dermal filler are great to provide the structure loss during the ageing process and also improve the volume loss by replacing what was once there. Having an artistic eye to know what will optimise the face as well as the right product choice are both important factors to ensure that whether the face is at rest and in animation, it is still natural and not obscured.


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