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Facial Slimming Treatment

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Facial Slimming Treatment

Facial Slimming Treatment can soften a prominent square shaped jaw. There are two key reasons why someone would benefit from Facial Slimming Treatment.

One, it to provide aesthetic slimming and softening of the jawline to create an oval or “V” shaped face.
And secondly reduce tension in the muscle due to  bruxism, a condition characterised by excessive clenching and grinding of the teeth, causing the jaw muscle to enlarge and subsequent causing tension and pain.

Contact us for a consultation with our health practitioner to address concerns to slim your face or reduce the muscle size to help with tension.


Treatment Areas

Anti-wrinkle injections are most commonly
used in the following areas:

  • Frontalis

  • Glabella

  • Orbicularis Oculi

  • Mentalis

  • DAO

It can also be used for excessive sweating under
the arms as well as reduce trapezius muscle and calf slimming.

Muscle relaxant is injected on both sides of the face in multiple points in the Masseter muscle to reduce the size of the jaw. The right dose and points are important factors as it determines how effective the jaw muscle slims down for an aesthetic result and relief from tension and pain.

The amount varies and is determined by your medical history, if you suffer from Bruxism, if you are having your first or subsequent injection, or you want to achieve an aesthetic slimming result. Results are not seen straight away and the slimming effects can be seen from 2-6 weeks post treatment. It is quite common to have a top up dose 6 weeks post your initial treatment, to further shrink the muscle down.​

With consistent treatments, your muscle will atrophy and shrink overtime and treatments will only be required at longer intervals.

The Masseters are your mastication muscle or chewing muscle is location on either side of your angle of jaw. A common concern with treatment of the Masseter muscles is the inability to chew or eat after treatment however, the Masseters are 1 of 4 chewing muscles. It is normal to feel a reduction in the ability to chew food and so more chewing is required for foods like meat in the first week or two post treatment.

You can expect to see visible face slimming from 2-6 week of treatment, and the effects may last 4 to 6 months*. It is recommended to maintain your jaw shape, that you come in for a consistent treatment as consulted in your treatment plan.
*Individual results may vary

How does it work?


Facial Slimming Treatment

Restore Facial Balance
Softens a square face graphic
Reduces clenching and grinding caused by Bruxism graphic
Helps reduce migraines graphic

 Slimming of the face and jawline

Soften a square 


Reduces clenching  and grinding caused by Bruxism

Helps reduce  migraines

What are the Masseters?

The Masseters are your mastication muscle or chewing muscle is location on either side of your angle of jaw. 

This treatment is great for those that want to soften a square face to achieve a more tapered, slimmer jawline without the need of other invasive treatments. Or for those with medical conditions such as Bruxism who grind their teeth or for those that clench excessively.


Who Is It For?

What are the masseters?

What is jaw slimming?

The Process

What is Involved?

At Symetry Aesthetics,  during your consultation process, we can conduct a thorough assessment and  discuss what your needs are. 

During the assessment we will discuss a treatment plan that is tailored for you, advise the treatment plan and talk you through the Facial Slimming Treatment.
Treatment plans can be done on your first visit and follow-up appointments will be scheduled for you after. All of this will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

Facial Slimming Treatment take approximately 20-45 mins, minimum downtime and results can be visible for 3- 5 months.

Unfortunately, we are unable to disclose the treatment details and product used to be compliant with TGA guidelines. At your consultation all questions related to the treatment can be discussed and explained in line with your treatment plan.

All non-surgical treatments are performed by our Registered Nurses. Content posted are for information purposes only.
All treatments involve risk, side effects and downtime.

A thorough consultation is required with your healthcare practitioner to assess your suitability.
Images taken post treatment may not reflect final results and results will vary for each individual patient.

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