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Anti Wrinkle


Look refreshed and awake.

Get rid of those annoying lines 

and look your best.

What is 

Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a non-surgical way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that contracts the skin. These anti-wrinkle treatments are a safe and effective way to smooth out frown lines, forehead lines, and crows feet. 


Treatment Areas

Anti-wrinkle injections are most commonly

used in the following areas:

  • Forehead

  • Frown lines

  • Crows Feet

  • Brow Lines

  • Bunny Lines

  • Lip Flip

  • Chin Crease 

It can also be used for excessive sweating under

the arms as well as trapezius and calf slimming.

How does it work?

Anti-wrinkle injections block the chemical signals that the brain sends to the muscle telling the muscle to contract. These injections relax the muscles and prevent the skin from wrinkling. This softens the visible look of lines for a tighter and smoother appearance.


Crows Feet



Glabella (Frown Lines)

Nefertiti (Platysmal Bands)

Crows' feet are small lines that gather on the outside of the eyes starting at the corners and extending to the hair line. Often these lines are accentuated when we smile and laugh which causes the muscle to pinch the corners our eyes creating a squinty look. This treatment is great when you want a fresh and well rested look.

Forehead wrinkles are lines that run horizontal when we are expressive and raise our brows up or give a surprised look. Commonly occurring with age due to the gradual laxity and thinning of the forehead fat pads. This treatment is great for those that want to prevent static lines, give a more even skin tone and texture and prevent makeup from caking on the forehead between the lines.

Also known as the number 11’s, frown lines are the lines that are created when our brows come together and cause our skin to wrinkle between the brows. Frown lines convey a negative expression of anger with the brows arching downwards. This treatment is great for those that hold tension, have headaches or frown when concentrating to relax the muscle and stop the arching of the brows.

Platysmal bands are the bands on your neck that jut out when you point and extend your chin forward. These bands are depressor muscles that extend up and over your jawline and pulls downwards. This treatment is great to lift the lower face by relaxing the muscle that pulls down on the skin on the face as well as defines the jawline and contours your lower face for a lifted and defined look.


Jaw Slimming (Masseter Reduction)



(Excessive Sweating)


Gummy Smile

Dimpled Chin

Overactive jaw muscle (Masseters) can give the appearance of a jaw that is too large or squared for the face. Muscle relaxant can slim the face to the ideal oval or heart shape and also may relieve symptoms of clenching and teeth grinding. This treatment is great for those with a square shape face or looking to slim the face down for a more tapered feminine look.

Excessive sweating under the arms can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and inconvenient. Sweat reduction can be achieved by using muscle relaxant to the underarm to block the signals that activate sweat glands. This treatment is great to assist with the unwanted excessive sweating and to keep the armpits dry. 

Excessive amount of gum show under the top lip when smiling is caused by the hyperactive muscle from the upper lip elevators. The unwanted show of excess gum can restrict a person's ability to smile and laugh comfortably without hiding or restricting their natural emotions. This treatment is great for those that want to smile confidently without the worry of excess gum show.

The chin muscle, the mentalis, can often be hyperactive or large and this causes the dimpling, orange peel look on the chin. Often a weak chin or those that have an overbite will use the chin muscle more or have a high riding chin muscle. This treatment is great for those that want to relax the muscle, for a smoother skin texture on the chin.

Treatment Areas




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Reduce Fine Lines and


Soften Expression


Restore Facial





What is Involved?

At Symetry Aesthetics, through a facial assessment and consultation, we discuss your desired outcomes and concerns and come up a treatment plan. A precise injection into the facial muscle is delivered using a fine needle with only minor discomfort.


Our anti-wrinkle treatments take approximately 15 minutes, not including the consultation process. The whole process can be done over a lunch time break and the results can be visible for up to 3 to 4 months.  

Real Results

Anti Wrinkle treatments help relax the muscle which cause overlying wrinkles to form. Once these muscles are relaxed the wrinkles become softer and less apparent. This quick procedure is particularly effective in reducing the appearance of frown lines. It can also be used to treat headaches, migraines and teeth grinding.

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