HA Skin

Improve your skin quality with HA Skin boosters, packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Antioxidants to improve hydration, stimulate proteins to build collagen and elastin, help with fine lines and improve skin texture and tone.

What treatments can I do?

This HA Solution can be injected into the superficial layer of the skin for targeted areas such as under the eyes or injected to the full face or hands for a deep hydration rejuvenation. The results is improvement of the skin without the changing your face.

It can also be placed into a (AquaGOLD) Micro-infusion device to be Microneedled into the skin for an overall luminous, hydrated glow, great for a pre-event skin pick me up treatment.


What are the masseters?

The Masseters are your mastication muscle or chewing muscle is location on either side of your angle of jaw. A common concern with treatment of the Masseter muscles is the inability to chew or eat after treatment however, the Masseters are 1 of 4 chewing muscles. It is normal to feel a reduction in the ability to chew food and so more chewing is required for foods like meat in the first week or two post treatment.


Who Is It For?

This treatment is great for those that want to soften a square face to achieve a more tapered, slimmer jawline without the need of other invasive treatments*. Or for those with medical conditions such as Bruxism who grind their teeth or for those that clench excessively.

*Individual results may vary


How Long Does Jaw Slimming Results Last?

You can expect to see visible face slimming from 2-6 week of treatment, with the effect designed to last 4 to 8 months*. It is recommended to maintain your jaw shape, that you come in for a consistent treatment as consulted in your treatment plan.
*Individual results may vary


What areas can be treated?

This treatment can be injected for the full face, neck or décolletage as well as, targeted areas such as the under eyes to improve dark pigment, décolletage to improve neck lines, as well as for the back of the hands for a deep hydration treatment.

Very popular for those that want to improve their skin quality for a healthy glow. This is the ultimate glass skin treatment for the hydration and dewy skin.


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Jaw Slimming

Asset 4.png
Asset 5.png

Enhances your appearance. Slimming of the face and jawline

Softens a square


Asset 6.png

Reduces clenching

and grinding caused by Bruxism

Asset 7.png

Helps reduce



Injection treatments start from 

$450 - For Target areas such as eyes

$600 - For Full Face

$750 - For Full Face and Neck

$450 - Microinfusion Facial for full face

$550 - AquaGOLD Facial for full face with HA Booster.

ADD $150 to include neck.

Real Results