Symetry Aesthetics
2022 Price Guide


Antiwrinkle 12.90/unit

2 areas from – $340 (Forehead and frown)

3 areas from - $490

Additional small areas $60


Jaw slimming/Masseter Reduction

For a slimmer, tapered face or if you suffer from teeth

grinding and clenching.

from $480-$660

Additional Temple area from $160

Hyperhidrosis from $980

Trapezius Slimming from $980

Lip fillers from



Cheek/ Chin/ Jawline / Nasolabial Fillers



$650- $2200

Improving, replacing and correcting contours

of the face to taper, soften and define.

Face Rejuvenation

from $2200-$3990

Replacing volume you have lost during the ageing process.