AquaGold Treatment

Pre-treatment Instructions

Two week prior to your treatment

  • No chemical peels or equivalent must be avoided

One week prior to your treatment

  • No waxing and/or use of chemical depilatories must be avoided.

  • Please avoid Nurofen, Aspirin and Fish Oil unless you medically require them.

  • Sun exposure and/or usage of a tanning bed, including self-tanning products must be avoided for a minimum of 1 week before treatment.

Treatment within 24 hours of prolonged sun exposure (natural sunlight, artificial tanning booth, or sunless tanning products) may result in hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that may not clear for several months or may even be permanent.

  • Retinol/Retinal, the use of scrubs or exfoliant must be stopped 3 days prior to your appointment.

  • Please avoid alcohol 48hours prior to your appointment

  • Please come to your appointment makeup free.

  • Please notify us of any cosmetic tattooing in the areas treated for us to avoid,

  • If you have a history of cold sores, we may recommend prophylactic antiviral therapy prior to your treatment. Follow the directions from your GP.

AquaGold Treatment

Aftercare Information

Do not wash your face for the first six hours after the AquaGold Treatment.

The skin may feel tight, dry, swollen and sensitive to the touch, a sunburn-like effect is normal for one day. The treated area may appear pink in colour but will resolve in one to three hours.

It is recommended to remain makeup free for the rest of the day, post your treatment.

Intensive moisturising treatment is important for regenerating of your skin.

It is important to hydrate and keep the skin well hydrated

  • For a maximum of one week, double your skin moisturiser if needed

  • Apply HA Serum morning and night for the first week

  • Use hydration mask every night for the first 5 days

  • Stay away from your actives (Retinol, Vitamin C) Tones) for 5 days

Avoid the following activities for up to two days

  • No exercise for 48hours

  • No excessively hot showers, bathing, spas or saunas

Avoid further clinical treatments for up to 2 weeks following a treatment

  • Including, but not limited to, microdermabrasion, laser, intense pulsed light, chemical peels, muscle relaxant injections and dermal fillers for 2 weeks

  • Spray or self-tanning, swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean for 1 week

  • Tattooing (including cosmetic tattooing) up to 7 days

For the next 10 days, it is especially important to apply sunscreen all over. Light non-occlusive and make-up may be applied 24 hours post procedure.